Lorenz Sales continues to invest heavily in system tools to help manage our business and increase sales. We have developed a customized CRM system to manage opportunities, account information, help profile markets, maintain contact information, document our policies and procedures, report generation and assist with lead management.

Our system is accessible via mobile devices thus allowing access to reports for the salesperson on the go. With an easy to use GUI interface, we can easily create custom reports. Data can be sorted and filtered by most every field including geography, product interests, sales territory, industry, principal, or distributor. This tool has proven invaluable.

This CRM system is also tied into our Email Marketing system. We can focus our email marketing to specific contact's interests. This helps to keep our marketing emails of interest to those who receive them.

We believe in developing our employees and business systems for long term success. Initiatives in tuition reimbursement, sales training, product training and systems development reflect those values.
Over the last few years, tuition reimbursement for the equivalent of 2 years of college credits has been paid for . New skills in product knowledge, business acumen and IT systems have provided an excellent return on our investment.
Sales training of our outside sales staff has proven to be very beneficial. Up to 21 days of training per outside salesperson has given our staff a common tactical language and has raised our performance to new heights.